Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics, by Jack Richards, Richard Schmidt, Heidi Kendricks, Youngkyu

By Jack Richards, Richard Schmidt, Heidi Kendricks, Youngkyu Kim

For the instructor trying to get a piece extra into the theoretical aspect of language educating and linguistics, this can be an indispensible publication. It covers much the jargon and terminology that flatter the territory and offers a superb, pithy review of such a lot issues from syllabus layout to grammar.

I have came upon it precious basically to get my terminology correct for assignments, however it can also be is helping with facing different books that experience unexplained, yet relatively expert terminology. hence by myself, it truly is well worth the paltry sum had to get it.

The ebook is into its 3rd version now, (to which this evaluate refers), and may be an ongoing vintage within the box. i actually suggest this ebook to you.

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Richards in 1929. It was intended to be used as a second language for international communication. Basic English used only 850 words and fewer grammatical rules than normal English, but it was claimed that anything that could be said in ordinary English can also be said in Basic English. see also LINGUA FRANCA basic interpersonal communication skills n see COGNITIVE ACADEMIC LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY basic research n see APPLIED RESEARCH basic skills n (in education) skills which are considered to be an essential basis for further learning and for learning other school subjects.

Procedures used in alternative assessment include self-assessment, peer assessment, portfolios, learner diaries or journals, student–teacher conferences, interviews, and observation. see AUTHENTIC ASSESSMENT, PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT alternative hypothesis n see HYPOTHESIS alveolar adj describes a speech sound (a CONSONANT) which is produced by the front of the tongue touching or nearly touching the gum ridge behind the upper teeth (the alveolar ridge). For example, in English the /t/ in /tIn/ tin, and the /d/ in /dIn/ din are alveolar STOPS.

Autoassociative adj see ASSOCIATIVE MEMORY automatic processing n the performance of a task without conscious or deliberate processing. In cognitive psychology, two different kinds of processing employed in carrying out tasks are distinguished. Controlled processing is involved when conscious effort and attention is required to perform a task. This places demands on short-term memory (see MEMORY). qxd 24/1/02 16:03 Page 43 auxiliary learner driver may operate a car using controlled processing, consciously thinking about many of the decisions and operations involved while driving.

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