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Asbestos fibres may occur as contaminants in substances such as water. Ascidians Small marine filter feeding organisms which are primitive chordates (not invertebrates) and are widely distributed around the seas of the world. 26 Aseptic packaging Benthic non-motile organisms, often attached to outer surfaces of boats, jetties, and oil rigs. Some species are utilized as sea foods, particularly Halocynthia roretzi, Styela clava and S. plicata. Ascochyta Genus of fungi of the order Dothideales. Species may cause pulse crop diseases.

Includes davana (Artemisia pallensis), tarragon (A. dracunculus), wormwood (A. absinthium) and mugwort (A. vulgaris). Arthritis Inflammation of one or more joints resulting in swelling, redness and pain. A range of conditions that includes rheumatoid, autoimmune, infectious and osteoarthritides. Increased risk for certain arthritides has been linked with dietary and nutritional factors, including poor nutrition and consumption of meat, fried foods and fats. Oils rich in n-3 fatty acids, such as fish oils, borage oils and evening primrose oils, vegetarian diets and nutrients with antioxidative activity have been associated with symptomatic relief.

Many are hunted for their meat and some species, for example the blackbuck antelope (Antilope cervicapra), have been farmed successfully to produce antelope meat of a high quality. Anthelmintics Drugs used to treat internal infections of animals caused by parasitic worms (nematodes and cestodes). Most frequently used in younger farm animals which are more susceptible to parasitic infections. Residues are most likely to be found in milk when withdrawal periods have not been strictly observed; livers may also contain residues.

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