Dictionary of computing by S. M. H. Collin

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Each bank operates over the same address range but is selected independently by a special code. Bankers Services Bankers Automated Clearing Services Automated Clearing / b ŋkəz ɔ təmetd klərŋ s vsz/ noun full form of BACS bank Internet payment system bank Internet payment system / b ŋk ntənet pemənt sstəm / noun a protocol that enables bank payments to be made over the Internet and gives each financial institution a unique identification number for the purposes of Internet transactions.

A reference line which is the basis for coordinates on a graph azerty keyboard /ə z ti ki bɔ d/ noun a method of arranging the keys on a keyboard where the first line begins AZERTY, used mainly in Continental Europe. g. a tape plane azimuth alignment / zməθ ə lanmənt/ noun the correct horizontal angle of a tape head to the magnetic tape ć Azimuth alignment is adjusted with this small screw azerty keyboard azimuth azimuth alignment B b abbr bit B1 abbr byte B2 symbol the hexadecimal equivalent of b B B the decimal number 11 B: used in personal computers to indicate the second disk drive, normally a floppy disk drive ć Copy the files from the hard drive, C:, to the floppy drive, B:.

Fm Page 32 Friday, December 19, 2003 7:16 PM backup file 32 backup file / b k p fal/ noun a copy backwards search / b kwədz s tʃ/ noun a search for data in a word-processor of a file, made as a security precaution or database that begins at the position of backup path / b k p pɑ θ/ noun (in a the cursor or end of the file and searches to Token-Ring network) an alternative path the beginning of the file for a signal around a network avoiding a backwards supervision / b kwədz malfunctioning device su pə v (ə)n/ noun data transmission backup plan / b k p pl n/ noun a set controlled by the receiver of rules that take effect when normal operation has gone wrong ć The normal UPS BACS /b ks/ noun a system to transfer has gone wrong, so we will have to use our money between banks using computer backup plan to try and restore power.

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