Desmopressin in Bleeding Disorders by P. J. Grant (auth.), G. Mariani, P. M. Mannucci, M. Cattaneo

By P. J. Grant (auth.), G. Mariani, P. M. Mannucci, M. Cattaneo (eds.)

Hemostatis and Desmopressin: Molecular Mechanisms of mobile Responses to DDAVP; S. Hashemi, et al.Pharmacology andPharmacodynamics of Desmopressin: Toxicity of Desmopressin and similar Peptides; L.B. Kinter, et al.Desmopressin in Renal Disease: keep watch over of Bleeding in Uremic sufferers; Y. Sultan.Desmopressin and Platelets: Desmopressin within the remedy of Congenital and purchased Defects of Platelet functionality; M. Cattaneo, P.M. Mannucci.Desmopressin andSurgery: Desmopressin, von Willenbrand issue, and surgical procedure; M.Weinstein.Desmopressin and Blood Donation: results of Desmopressin on basic Donors in Plasma trade Donations; R.J. Sassetti, B.C.McLeod.Clinical functions of Desmopressin in Hemophilia and vonWillenbrand's Disease: Intravenous and Subcutaneous Desmopressin; M.Kohler, G. Mariani.SideEffects and hostile Reactions of Desmopressin: DDAVP and Tachyphylaxis in fit matters; V. Vicente, et al.Recapitulation: normal Recapitulation and look for a Consensus; P.M. Mannucci, et al. 33 extra articles. Index.

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11. H. Vilhardt and T. Barth, Structure - activity relationships of vasopressin analogues on release of Factor VIII in dogs, J. Receptor Research 11:233 (1991). 12. H. Vilhardt and T. Barth, Effect of desmopressin (OOAVP) on Factor VIII in various species, in: "Proceedings of Fourth International Conference on the Neurohypophysis," Copenhagen July 1989, Oxford Universiry Press (1989). 13. J. Skopkova, P. Hrbas, J. Slaninova, and T. Barth, Prolonged antidiuretic action of vasopressin analogues in relation to their primary structure, Collection Czechoslov.

001). 43). There were no changes in haematocrit and platelet count following desmopressin administration. vWFR:Ag increased significantly as did vWF:RCof. We observed a small, not significant, rise in factor VIII coagulant activity after DDA VP infusion. Intravenously administered DDA VP caused a significant increase in plasma tPA activity and a significant decrease in plasma PAl activities. At the same time a significant fall in platelet serotonin content was observed. 6). A significant rise in plasma serotonin concentration was detected.

Of Medicine,3Dept. YiYQ in patients with mild or moderate Hemophilia A or Type I von Willebrand's disease. DDAVP treatment 2-4 is regarded as an important therapeutic alternative for Factor VIII- or vWf-deficient patients since the use of blood products is associated with a risk of transmitting infectious agents such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. Given to healthy normal individuals prior to donation, It also increases plasma Factor VIII and vWf levels resulting in improved potency and purity of Factor VIII/vWf recovered after commercial fractionation.

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