Demonstratives in Interaction: The emergence of a definite by Ritva Laury

By Ritva Laury

This e-book issues one of many paradigm examples of grammaticalization, the advance of a distinct article from a demonstrative determiner. even though general written Finnish has no articles, the demonstrative se is at the moment rising as a distinct article in spoken Finnish. This publication describes and explains the constructing use of se in line with a database together with spoken narratives from 3 various sessions spanning the final 100 years.
The writer proposes that the improvement from demonstrative to article has its roots within the method that audio system typically use demonstratives in dialog, and offers an research of using se and the 2 different Finnish demonstratives, tämä and tuo in a corpus of multi-party conversations, exhibiting that audio system of Finnish use demonstratives to concentration recognition on very important referents and to precise and negotiate entry to them within the interactive context of ongoing speak, and never essentially to speak about how close to or a long way referents are. the advance of se right into a normal marker of identifiability is proven to be attached with either the focusing functionality of demonstratives in addition to its use for referents which the speaker considers available to the addressee.

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The mention in line 4 is an orienting mention. It serves to provide a location for the actions of the person who is being discussed; the cottage is not mentioned for the purpose of tracking it further in the discourse. Evidence for the fact that the cottage is not being tracked in the discourse is provided by the fact that the second mention is not pronominal, although it immediately follows the first mention. As Du Bois notes, the form of noun phrases which do not serve to track discourse referents is not sensitive to the presence (or absence) of previous mention (1980:210).

9) 1 ... 'Tästä tulloo ^toinen juttu.. etteen. PRES other story front-ILL This brings to mind another story. olivat... ^lukkarin 'mailla. churchwarden-GEN land-PL-ADE In the lands of a churchwarden. 5 ... 'Virkatalon ^mailla. job-house-GEN land-PL-ADE In the lands of the official residence. 5) Ja, and 7 ... HUM-ADE they 8 .. tuo ^vuokra, TUO rent um the rent 11 'maksetubi.. ^joka vuosi.. 'säännöllisesti. PST-3PL SE-ADE churchwarden-ADE they would give [it] to the churchwarden [MUMMO] The speaker's first mention of his in-laws comes in line 2.

10 E Olikse se jo— be-PST-Q-SE SE Was it, DEIXIS AND IDENTIFI ABILITY 11 .. 'lasine ^joutsen. glass-ADJ swan a glass swan. 12 X [Joutsen joo]'. swan PTCL A swan yeah. 13 L [^Joutsenjuu] swan PTCL A swan, that's right. 14I Ja aïka ^iso. and quite big And a pretty big (one). 15 L .. ^Iso= [lasine, big glass-ADJ A big glass, 16 E [Joo, PTCL Yeah, 17 se olis ollu ^kaunis, SE be-PST-C0ND be-PST PPLE beautiful it would have been beautiful, l8L ^se=oli aika,] SE be-PST fairly it was fairly, 19 E semmone lasine jout--] SE- ADJ glaSS-ADJ a glass swan.

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