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_____a) Public offering _____b) Private placement _____c) Bank financing Question 3: The purpose of conducting "due diligence" before a public offering is to: _____a) maintain confidentiality for the issuer. _____b) rate the borrower's creditworthiness. _____c) investigate and verify the issuer's claims. _____d) simplify the registration process. Question 4: ABC Tool and Die Company is a small company with a brief history and no track record. The business is growing and needs additional capital to finance an expansion of operations.

01/10/00 ver. 0 1-26 FUNDAMENTALS OF DEBT FINANCING ANSWER KEY Question 5: When investors refer to a debt security's term, or tenor, they are discussing its: d) maturity. Maturity, term, and tenor all refer to the length of time before a debt becomes due for repayment. Question 6: In terms of its effects on the capital structure of Casaco, how would you classify this transaction? a) Primary market transaction Primary market transactions (new issues of debt) directly affect the capital structure of the borrower, whereas secondary market trades among investors have no direct effect on the capital structure of the original issuer.

Question 10: Select four factors that affect the rate of interest a firm will pay to borrow funds. S. securities c) Credit standing d) Expectations of future level of inflation g) Length of the borrowing ver. 01/10/00 FUNDAMENTALS OF DEBT FINANCING 1-29 PROGRESS CHECK 1 (Continued) Question 11: If a borrower pays interest at the rate of LIBOR plus 100 basis points, it means that the: ____ a) rate of interest will remain fixed during the period of the agreement. ____ b) funds are borrowed at a discount from face value and repaid at face value.

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