Current Progress in Afro-Asiatic Linguistics: Papers of the by James Bynon

By James Bynon

The papers during this quantity derive from the 3rd Hamito-Semitic Congress, which happened in London in 1978. The papers, loosely grouped in line with language households and theoretical matters, are in a few situations significantly accelerated and up-to-date model of these provided on the convention. The papers within the previous a part of the quantity are usually extra substantive and to offer fundamental facts, the next ones concentration extra on particular concerns inside of specific languages, are surveys of the sphere, or care for questions of technique. jointly they supply an outline of the present situation within the topic.

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6. Liquids (1 - r) There appear to be no indigenous Agaw roots with initial r. An apparent instance such as Xmr. rǝq w a 'mud', which is almost certainly of common Agaw origin, probably represents some kind of simplification or restructuring of a Proto-Agaw root with initial d, cf. Bil. däraqwa, Qua. dax w a. 1 initial B i l . lawa Xmr. lawa Kem. läwa Awn. léwá Bil. läxa B i l . lǝk w Bil. läŋa Xmr. lǝya w Xmr. l ǝ ŋ a Kem. Xmr. lǝk läya Kem. Kem. Awn. lǝk w Awn. l e g 'right' lǝk w liŋa Awn. l á ŋ a 'foot' 'fire' 'two' 1 medial Bil.

46 DAVID L. APPLEYARD g w initial Bil. g w äd- Bil. g w ädǝg w Xmr. gWǝz- Xmr. ) w Kem. g äz- Kem. gWäzg w (ǝ) Awn. ) Awn. ǝng w i Bil. B i l . g w ädǝg w Xmr. etc. Kern. ǝng w (ǝ) Awn. e. *g w äzɣ W > *g w ǝzw > gǝzu. k w initial Bil. k w ara Bil. k w aräd W Xmr. k ära Xmr. k w arz Kem. k w ara Kem. k w äzǝr, Qua. k w azär 'sun' 'forearm' k w medial Bil. ank w a Bil. ǝrk w i (R) Bil. lǝk w Xmr. ak w a Xmr. arǝk w Xmr. lǝk w Kern. ank a Kern. ǝrk (a) Kern. lǝk w Awn. ánk w a Awn. ǝrk w í Awn. lǝk w w 'five' 'tooth' w 'foot' ŋw - it does not seem unlikely that a labiovelar nasal should be included in the Proto-Agaw sound system.

Bira Kern. bira Awn. birí Bil. bǝr Bil. bar- Xmr. bǝr 24 Kern. bǝr Xmr. barKern. Awn. bǝri 'ox' bäy- Awn. bát—báy Bil. bǝta Xmr. bǝta Kern. Awn. bǝtí 'leave' 'blood' bǝya 'earth, dust' b medial Bil. jǝbXmr. j ǝ b Qua. j ǝ b Awn. jew-~jep B i l . sab- Bil. Xmr. s ǝ b - Xmr. cab Kern. Awn. seb- ~sep 'buy' Bil. qwǝmba Kern. x ǝmba w Awn. ɣǝmbi 'nose, mouth ' säb- Kern. šäb šäb Awn. c a f / c a b 'stab' 'milk' B i l . sänbi B i l . gǝrb Xmr. sǝbba Xmr. gǝrb Kern. samba Awn. samb(i) 'lung' Kern. gǝrb Awn.

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