Corsairs and Navies, 1600-1760 by J. S. Bromley

By J. S. Bromley

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307; Ringrose, apud Esquemeling, p. 398. 92. On the sharing of possessions and profits by the half-dozen men who composed a camera in the Army of Flanders, see Parker, p. 177; and Cruickshank, p. 114, for Elizabethan cameradas. Debien, Engages, pp. 136-7, offers a rich selection of nicknames in France. 93. Les Institutions de la France sous la monarchie absolue, i (Paris, 1974), pp. 85-9. 94. Charlevoix, i i i , 55; Labal, I, i, 75; Debien, Galbaud du Fort, p. 33; Burney, p. 41. Cf. London, Public Record Office, A d m i r a l t y 1/3930, Paris, 28 Oct.

7 5 There is clear evidence of custom at work in these tariffs, except that the freebooters had no thought for pensions. That would have contradicted their mentality, which was to distribute dividends on the first possible occasion. "1 But there were captured slaves. Negroes, though sometimes freed when they could be replaced, served as slaves until they could be sold. After money, plate and precious stones, they were the most easily convertible booty. Indeed, the crippled freebooter might elect to take a slave in lieu of 100 pieces-of-eight.

P. 211. Jamaican commissions were no longer obtainable after 1670, when many buccaneers resorted to S t Domingue. Conversely, some of the flibustiers served in Jamaican privateers during the Spanish Succession War. P. Newton, The European Nations in the West Indies ¡49Ì-I6S8 (London, 1933), pp. H. Haring, The Buccaneers in the West Indies in the XVII Century (New York, 1910). Cf. the design of Capt. ". 35. AN, Col. C9A/4, fo. 446 (15 Oct. 1698). 36. , C8A/16, "Mémoire sur l'état présent des Isles.

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