Convex surfaces. by Herbert Busemann

By Herbert Busemann

In this self-contained geometry textual content, the writer describes the most result of convex floor idea, supplying all definitions and particular theorems. the 1st part specializes in extrinsic geometry and purposes of the Brunn-Minkowski thought. the second one half examines intrinsic geometry and the belief of intrinsic metrics.
Starting with a short assessment of notations and terminology, the textual content proceeds to convex curves, the theorems of Meusnier and Euler, extrinsic Gauss curvature, and the effect of the curvature at the neighborhood form of a floor. A bankruptcy at the Brunn-Minkowski conception and its functions is by means of examinations of intrinsic metrics, the metrics of convex hypersurfaces, geodesics, angles, triangulations, and the Gauss-Bonnet theorem. the ultimate bankruptcy explores the stress of convex polyhedra, the belief of polyhedral metrics, Weyl's challenge, neighborhood cognizance of metrics with non-negative curvature, open and closed surfaces, and smoothness of realizations.

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