Control and Manipulation of Animal Growth. Proceedings of by P.J. Buttery, D.B. Lindsay and N.B. Haynes (Auth.)

By P.J. Buttery, D.B. Lindsay and N.B. Haynes (Auth.)

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Roche and J. F. Quirke 41 2. Zeranol which is derived from zearalenone, a known highly active oestrogen in swine. It is a weak oestrogen with low affinity for the uterine oestradiol receptor and has a weak uterotropic effect (Katzenellenbogen, Katzenellenbogen and Mordecai, 1979). Thus, it is a potent anabolic compound without adverse effects on behaviour of implanted animals. FEED ADDITIVES While the ruminant animal is relatively unique in being able to digest fibrous materials by fermentation, the process is inefficient due to energy losses in the form of gas, heat and production of large amounts of acetate rather than propionate.

Lewis, Eds), pp. 123-148. E. J. J. (1979). / . Anim. 1065-1069 KAWAI, Y. and MOROTOMI, M. y 48, (1978). Infect. c. G. (1982). Anim. C. G. (1984a). Proc. Nutr. C. G. (1984b). Can. J. Anim. K. and BREMNER, I. (1984). Biochem. y 219, 539-546 MORDENTi, A. and ZAGHTNI, G. (1979). In Performance in Animal Production, (G. Piana and G. Piva, Eds), pp. 214-222. Milan, Smith Kline D. G. Armstrong 37 (1980). J. ), pp. 207-227. London, Butterworths O'CONNOR, J. PARKER, D . S . , STOCKILL, P. a n d BALIOS, J.

6 DAILY LIVEWEIGHT GAIN AND CARCASS WEIGHTS FOR STEERS GIVEN ZERANOL OR TBA ALONE OR COMBINED Treatment No. 05). T a b l e 4 . 7 DAILY GAIN AND CARCASS WEIGHT OF STEERS GIVEN ZERANOL AND TBA AT THE START OF THE EXPERIMENT ONLY OR AT THE START AND 65-70 DAYS LATER Treatment No. 05). F. Roche and J. F. Quirke 45 Kitchenham, 1975; Galbraith, 1980a; 1980b). In relation to the use of oestrogens, growth responses in females used for beef production are more variable and less clearcut increases are obtained (Galbraith and Topps, 1981).

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