Contemporary Brainteasers by Terry Stickels

By Terry Stickels

What number playing cards do i must deal sooner than i do know for definite that you've got a straight?
If typists can sort pages in mins, what number typists will it take to variety 18 pages?
How many days are in five million seconds?
If you're thinking that those are strong questions, this can be the publication for you! Over 200 pleasing puzzles related to mathematical and mechanical calculations comprise demanding situations in your lateral considering and logical reasoning. while your brain's bored with being teased, you could seek advice the entire options.

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98 What percent of 15 is 15 percent of 1/15? 99 Eleven triangles result when connecting the diagonals of a regular pentagon. What is the maximum number of triangles of any size if you include all the triangles that can be further subdivided? An example would be triangle ABD. 100 What is the tenth digit to the right of the decimal point in the decimal expansion of (1/5)10? (a)0 (b)2 (c)4 (d)6 (e)8 101 If 3 hours ago it was 1/2 as long after 1 o’clock in the afternoon as it was before 1 o’clock in the morning, what time is it now?

3966. If only the first person were born on Friday, the probability is . But the probability is the same for each of the seven. 397). 24 The answer is 20. 25 The answer is -60. The sequence goes up 4, down 8, up 8, down 16, up 16, down 32, up 32, down 64, and 4 - 64 = -60. 26 The answer is (d). 27 Here is one solution but there are probably other, shorter solutions: (a)From the 12-cup container, fill the 7-cup container giving you 5, 7, and 0 cups (b)Fill the 6-cup container from the 7-cup container giving you 5, 1, and 6 cups (c)Now take the six cups and pour back into the 12-cup container giving you 11, 1, and 0 cups (d)Move the one cup in the 7-cup container to the 6-cup container giving you 11, 0, and 1 cups (e)Fill the 7-cup container with the 11 cups in the biggest container giving you 4, 7, and 1 cups (f)Fill the 6-cup container from the 7-cup container giving you 4, 2, and 6 cups (g)Put the six cups from the smallest container into the largest container giving you 10, 2, and 0 cups (h)Move the two cups into the smallest container giving you 10, 0, and 2 cups (i)Fill the 7-cup container from the largest container, which now holds 10 cups giving you 3, 7, and 2 cups (j)Fill the 6-cup container from the 7-cup container giving you 3, 3, and 6 cups (k)Finally, fill the 12-cup container with the six cups from the small container and you have nine cups – 9, 3, and 0 cups.

253 or 252 + 252? (c)Which is larger? A dozen to the power of a dozen or a dozen dozen to the power of a half dozen? 200 Three of the four figures below can be formed by cutting Fig. 1 into two pieces and reassembling them. Which figure doesn’t belong? Fig. 1 201 There is a fork in the road where one path leads to rooms filled with money and the other path leads to certain death. Guarding the fork are two brothers. One always tells the truth, whereas the other always lies. You are allowed only one question to only one of the brothers in order to make your decision as to which path to go down.

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