Concise Pali-English Dictionary by A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera

By A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera

The writer is not just an eminent Elder of the Buddhist Order yet one of many best Pali students well-known either within the East and the West as an expert at the topic. it really is to be saw that the writer has saved kind of to the normal feel of phrases whereas now not altogether ignoring the meanings given by way of western students of their translations and lexicons.

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Abhinipātī, a. falling on. 31 Abhiniropeti Abhinippīḷeti (abhi + ni + pīḷ + e), to oppress or crush thoroughly. Abhinipphajjati (abhi + ni + pad + ya), to become accomplished. abhinipphajji. aor. abhinipphanna. pp. Abhinipphatti, f production; accomplishment. Abhinipphādita, (pp. of the following), produced; accomplished. Abhinipphādeti (abhi + ni + pad + e), to produce; to bring into existence. abhinipphādesi. aor. Abhinibbatta (pp. of abhinibbattati), reproduced; reborn. Abhinibbatti, f. abhinibbattana, nt.

Gama, m. 1. coming; approach; 2. religion; scripture; 3. an inserted consonant. Āgamana, nt. oncoming; arrival. Āgamayamāna, a. waiting for; expecting. Āgameti (ā + gam + e), to wait for; to expect. āgamesi. aor. Āgamma, abs. (of āgacchati), having come; owing to. Āgāmī, a. coming; one who comes. ~kāla, m. the future. Āgālha, a. strong; rough. Āgārika, a. belonging to a house. Āgilāyati (ā + gilā + ya), to be wearied; to ache. Āgu āgilāyi. aor. Āgu, nt. guilt; offence. ~cārī, m. a criminal; a villain.

45 Aŋsu Ahaha, intj. exclamation of woe. nt. an immense number; m. name of a purgatory. Ahaŋ, (Nom. sg. of amha), I. ~kāra, m. egotism; arrogance. Ahāriya, a. immovable. Ahi, m. snake; serpent. ~guṇthika, m. snake-catcher. ~cchattaka, m. a mushroom. ~tundtka, m. snake-catcher. ~pheṇa, nt. opium. Ahita, nt. harm; unkindness. adj. harmful. Ahirika, a. shameless. nt. shamelessness. Ahivātakaroga, m. buboenie plague. Ahiŋsā, f. non-hurting. Ahīnindriya, a. not defective of any sense-organ. Ahugāliya, nt.

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