Complex Predicates in Oceanic Languages: Studies in the by Isabelle Bril, Françoise Ozanne-Rivierre (eds.)

By Isabelle Bril, Françoise Ozanne-Rivierre (eds.)

This quantity presents new information for typological experiences and contributes an in depth research of the "nuclear" kind of complicated predicates in Oceanic languages. This VV trend could correspond to 2 diverse syntactic constructions, both co-ranking or hierarchized (head-modifier). apparently to be suitable with all kinds of uncomplicated observe orders, hence contradicting the generalizations which correlate "nuclear" serialization with verb-final order. half 1 includes artificial articles at the examine of serial verbs in Austronesian languages, in addition to targeted case reports of complicated predicates in a number of Oceanic languages. half 2 concentrates on a few procedures resulting in the grammaticalization of serialized verbs into clitics or adpositions.

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This is evidenced in the languages of this volume. 1. Idiomaticization, lexicalization and lexical compounding Contiguous nuclei are commonly the source of idiomatic, co-lexicalized compounds which create new lexical entries and trigger categorial change. " (Bruce 1988: 22). Most languages in this volume show such ongoing evolution (Anejom, Mwotlap, Nelemwa, New Caledonian languages, East Uvean), with various degrees of semantic predictability and transparency, functional restriction and autonomy.

Such contiguous nuclei are licensed either by the Aux-V pattern of English, as in let fall where let behaves as a semiauxiliary, or by the head-adjunct pattern, as in pulled open in which open functions as an adverbial predicate, very much as in Mwotlap. Complex verbs are thus an intermediate stage between the highly integrated morphological expression of causation, semi-grammaticalized causative operators and multiclausal constructions. 2. Cause-effect and resultative constructions Notions of cause, means of action and result are closely related as in he hammered it soft.

Far North of Mainland: Nelemwa (Bril 2000, 2002), Nyeläyu (Ozanne-Rivierre 1999); North of Mainland: Cemuhi (Rivierre 1986), Nemi (Ozanne-Rivierre 1979), Paid (Rivierre 1983); South of Mainland: Ajie (Leenhardt 1932, La Fontinelle 1976, Aramiou et al. 2001), Xäracüü (Moyse-Faurie 1995). - Central Pacific - Nuclear Polynesian·. East Uvean (Moyse-Faurie, to appear). - Proto Ellicean·. Samoan (Mosel and Hovdhaugen 1992); - Ellicean Outlier Pileni (Solomon Islands, Outlier Polynesian language; Naess 2000, Hovdhaugen et al.

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