Communicating With Smart Objects: Developing Technology for by Pierre-Noel Favennec, Claude Kintzig, Gerard Poulain, Gilles

By Pierre-Noel Favennec, Claude Kintzig, Gerard Poulain, Gilles Privat

Examines the variety of technological functions that shrewdpermanent gadgets' mixture of actual interplay, networking, and processing make possible-capabilities whose power, if allowed to return to fruition, is actually progressive.

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3 P2P framework Peer to peer (P2P) frameworks are parts of distributed architectures, the services described in the last chapters are encompassed in this new paradigm. Opposed to the hype surrounding emerging services such as Napster, Scour, Gnutella and others, peer to peer technology has existed for 80 years. It is the convergence of two trends: 1. A political one, aiming to decentralise fully the applications in order to optimise availability and scaling. 2. A technical one, following the increasing power of computers and high throughput of networks.

Effectiveness) of multimodality in situations of interaction with more or less simulated multimodal systems. From the point of view of the user, these studies made it possible to show how the users combine various modalities to interact with the systems and in which cases they use multimodality. Certain studies, such that of Oviatt, DeAngeli, & Kuhn (1997) for example, thus showed that multimodality is not always used (approximately 20% of the time of a session of interaction); the cases of use of this appear when the users describe in their commands some spacial information (for example: localisation, size, orientation or shape of an object).

Predicating act Act allowing to describe properties on the world (such of the relations between the objects). Propositional act Act made up of referring and predicating acts. Prosody Set of parameters involved in the force and the duration of the phonic units (phonemes) in a vocal signal. Protocol Preset sequence of events allowing to guarantee the good course of a communication (communications protocol) of actions (operational protocol). Rationality The principles of rationality constitute one of the important aspect of what one regards as characteristic of the intelligence.

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