Ciba Foundation Symposium - Regulation and Mode of Action of

Chapter 1 Chairmen's establishing comments (pages 1–2): Roslind Pitt?Rivers
Chapter 2 Hypothalamus?Pituitary?Thyroid Relationships (pages 3–20): G.W. Harris and J.W. Woods
Chapter three Contribution to the law of Thyroid job (pages 21–33): R. Courrier
Chapter four The impression of the imperative worried method at the keep an eye on of Thyrothropin Secretion (pages 34–50): Monte A. Greer
Chapter five Pituitary Cytology with regards to Thyrotrophic Hormone Secretion (pages 51–58): H.D. Purves and W.E. Griesbach
Chapter 6 results of Hypophysectomy on natural Iodine Formation in Rat Thyroids (pages 59–78): Alvin Taurog, Winton Tong and I.L. Chaikoff
Chapter 7 components Influencing the Thyroidal Iodide Pump (pages 79–96): N.S. Halmi
Chapter eight The “Feed?Back” speculation of the regulate of Thyroid functionality (pages 97–123): ok. Brown?Grant
Chapter nine Hormone Synthesis within the Iodine?Deficient Thyroid Gland (pages 124–134): A. Querido,, okay. Schut and Janke Terpstra
Chapter 10 Enzymic features of Thyronine Metabolism and its Iodinated Derivatives (pages 135–155): S. Lissitzky and S. Bouchilloux
Chapter eleven The Metabolism of Thyroid Hormones by means of Kidney and the organic task of the goods (pages 156–167): Henry Lardy, Kenkichi Tomita, Frank C. Larson and Edwin C. Albright
Chapter 12 at the Presence of 3:5:3??Triiodothyro?Acetic Acid and 3:3??Diiodothyronine in Rat Muscle and Kidney after management of 3:5:3??Triiodo?L?Thyronine (pages 168–181): Jean Roche, Raymond Michel and Pierre Jouan
Chapter thirteen The Distribution and Metabolism of Thyroid Hormones (pages 182–189): J. Gross, D. F. Ford, S. Symchowicz and J. H. Horton
Chapter 14 The Deiodination of Thyroid Hormones in vitro (pages 190–214): N. F. Maclagan and Doreen Reid
Chapter 15 Hepatic law of Thyroxine Metabolism (pages 215–229): A. Vannotti
Chapter sixteen Thyroid Hormones on the Peripheral Tissue point: Metabolism and Mode of motion (pages 230–252): Odette Thibault
Chapter 17 mobile activities of Thyroxine and related Compounds (pages 253–269): S.B. Barker
Chapter 18 a few Observations at the medical results of Triiodothyroacetic Acid (pages 270–286): W.R. Trotter
Chapter 19 The impact of the Thyroid Gland Upon Immune Responses of other Species to Bacterial an infection (pages 287–304): D.A. lengthy

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On the other hand, I think it is very specious to say because something is there it must be active-all one can say is that if it is there it might act. We have recently obtained radioautographs of triiodothyronine in various regions of the hypothalamus. In addition to the marked concentration in the stalk of the pituitary, there is also a noticeable concentration in the region of the paraventricular nucleus. 32 DISCUSSION Courrier: Thyroxine has perhaps a direct action upon the anterior pituitary, but it probably acts upon the hypothalamus since it modifies the neurosecretion of hypothalamic centres.

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In addition, the high level of radioiodine metabolism maintained by these animals without propylthiouracil treatment cannot be explained on the basis of a decreased content of hormonal iodine in the thyroid since the procedures of implantation and hypophysectomy would not be expected to change thyroidal iodine stores. It seems probable that the heterotopic pituitaries are not producing a normal amount of thyroxine because the hosts are essentially in a hypophysectomized state and require less. Otherwise one would expect that additional amounts of transplanted pituitary tissue would increase thyroidal function, which they do not.

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