Ball Lightning and Bead Lightning: Extreme Forms of by James Barry

By James Barry

The objective of this monograph is to check the identified actual points of 2 strange sorts of atmospheric luminous phenomena, to infer their features and houses, and to advertise efforts to enhance their knowing. those kinds, known as ball lightning and bead lightning, have visible photographs that vary from the linear photograph linked to normallightning. The phrases "balliightning" and "bead lightning" are used to indicate atmospheric luminous kinds that are sometimes saw and feature the geometrie form instructed by way of their identify. Vet, it truly is attainable that neither phenomenon may possibly actually be a sort of lightning within the feel of a continual electric discharge. Bead lightning has been defined because the residue of a cloud-to­ cloud or cloud-to-ground lightning stroke and has the looks of aseries of luminous balls separated by way of darkish areas, hence similar to astring of pearls, and is still obvious for roughly one moment. Ball lightning has been defined as a unmarried luminous globe showing ne ar the floor after a lightning stroke and in addition closing obvious for approximately one moment. either phenomena stay seen some distance longer than common lightning flashes.

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