Castle Greyhawk (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module WG7) by Mike Breault

By Mike Breault

Fort Greyhawk includes thirteen certain degrees for adventuring and exploration. each one point is a seperate experience written via a special writer and every has its personal precise model of insane and baffling weirdness. a few degrees contain fixing puzzles and a few require strong previous hacking and slashing. The adventures might be performed seperately or all jointly as a grand quest to loose citadel Greyhawk from the evil, rotten hordes which are plaguing it. the typical subject to this dungeon is that no funny story is so outdated, no pun is so undesirable, and no schtick is so seen that it cannot be used to confuse and journey up computers!

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A set of tally marks, numbering 394 in all, covers one section of a wall in the SE cell. A number of tic-tactoe games have been scratched in the wall near the bars between the NE and NW cells. A number of recipes for chocolate mousse are scratched in crude handwriting on the walls of the NW cell. Magical symbols and numbers adorn the walls of the SW cell. ” The wall and floor near this point are blackened, as if by a small fire. Area 4: Corridor This corridor is breached at one point. on the north by a crude hole in the wall.

The magical runes around the edge of the golden cup can be read by any magicuser. ” The cup itself is exquisitely made and decorated with small jewels, worth no less than 400 gp in the city. If wine (or any other alcoholic beverage-lemonade doesn’t work) is poured into the cup, a satisfied sigh can be heard from within the marble vault. The transparent ghostly form of Galomohgen will rise from his body’s resting place, pick up the cup, and take a deep dnnk. “That hits the spot,” says Galomohgen.

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