Carrots and Related Vegetable Umbelliferae (Crop Production by C F Quiros, V E Rubatzky, P W Simon

By C F Quiros, V E Rubatzky, P W Simon

This e-book sequence describes the medical ideas of the biology and construction of significant horticultural vegetation, thought of on a world-wide foundation. This quantity considers the vegetable Umbelliferae, quite carrots, celery, fennel, parsley and parsnip. It additionally offers short insurance of lesser identified vegetable Umbelliferae akin to coriander, chervil and skirret in addition to herbs resembling dill, anise, caraway and cumin.

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A small volume of several crops, such as celery, Florence fennel, parsley, as well as carrots and celeriac, are grown in glasshouses or similar plant-growing facilities. The principle umbellifer condiment seed crops grown in commercial-scale operations are: coriander (> 500,000 ha), caraway (> 100,000 ha), anise, cumin (200,000 ha with 80,000 ha in India alone), dill, fennel, Indian dill and sweet cicely. The international trade for these condiment seed crops is very large and important. Celery seed production exceeds 2000 t annually.

Sub-sessile flowers are greenish white. Yellow to brown seed are produced in the laterally compressed fruit. Seed are glabrous or with short stiff hairs and are slightly larger than 1 mm. Lovage The lovage plant is a perennial that grows as tall as 150 cm before it annually dies back. Leaves are dark green, glossy and ternately compounded, each leaflet is wedge-shaped and coarsely toothed near the apex, but entire near the base (Fig. 3e). Lower leaves can achieve 60 cm in length and a width of 45 cm, but become smaller toward the top of the plant.

Horizontal branch length is proportional to unit distance. Scale of unit distance percentage is indicated by the bar. Botany and Taxonomy 55 cultivated types cluster together. The wild species are separated into a second main cluster. Germplasm collections of other Umbelliferae species are relatively limited, and when present those specimens are usually maintained in association with Daucus and/or Apium collections.

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