Building vocabulary for college by R. Kent Smith

By R. Kent Smith

Construction VOCABULARY for school is a vocabulary worktext that is helping you bring up your educational vocabulary via a realistic, reinforcing method that promotes mastery of the phrases and be aware components studied. The textual content starts off via proposing the fundamentals equivalent to universal prefixes, suffixes, and roots. workouts partly 1 ask you to paintings via matching, multiple-choice, sentence fill-in, and finishing a passage sections. the teachings in part 2 introduce phrases from numerous educational disciplines that will help you be successful around the curriculum. workouts partially 2 contain matching, sentence fill-ins, and finishing a passage sections.

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Antediluvian (AN ti di LOO ve– n)—adjective e ■ ■ The antediluvian period is the time before the Flood mentioned in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. When I was younger, I thought my parents’ philosophy for raising children was so old-fashioned that it was antediluvian, but I’ve changed my mind since I’ve become a parent. b antediluvian is related to (a) complicated times (b) ancient times ____________ . 6. rectify (REK t fı–)—verb e ■ ■ Pat attempted to rectify his clumsiness by slowing down and treading carefully.

A strong ___________________ exists between mathematical and navigational skills. dissipate 4. We thought the fog would eventually ___________________ during the morning hours, but it didn’t, so we decided not to drive into town. anthropology 5. Dimitri has decided to major in ___________________ because of his fascination with early civilizations. 6. The teacher was understandably tense and tired after dealing with a number of obstreperous ___________________ students throughout the day. misconstrue 7.

Having one legislative branch unicameral ________________________________________________________ 8. Our daughter was submissive throughout her elementary school years, but once she was in middle school, she gradually became rebellious. obedient; agreeable submissive _________________________________________________________ 9. The clerk remained dispassionate while the angry customer ranted and raved at him. showing no emotion dispassionate _______________________________________________________ 10.

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