Build Your Vocabulary 1-Lower Intermediate by John Flower, Michael Berman, Mark Powell

By John Flower, Michael Berman, Mark Powell


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C) What a pity. I wish we don't have to/didn't have to/wouldn't have to leave. d) I wish you tell/told/had told me about the test. I haven't done any revision. e) I wish the people next door hadn't made/wouldn't make/couldn't make so mud noise. I can't hear myself think! f) Darling, I love you so much! I wish we are/had been/would be/could be together always! g) I'm sorry I missed your birthday party. I really wish I come/came/had come/would come. h) I like my new boss but I wish she gave/would give/could give me some more responsibility.

J) Visiting museums is interesting, but I'd sooner we (go) swimming. 6 Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the w o r d given. Do not change the w o r d given. You must use between t w o and five words, including the w o r d given. a) It would be nice to be able to fly a plane. could I wish I could fly a plane b) Please don't eat in the classroom. you I'd rather classroom c) I think we should leave now. we I think it's d) What a pity we ate all the food.

Next to the article was a cartoon of a man in a dentist's chair. ' I (11) (suddenly realise) that my tooth (12) (stop) aching. But just as I (13) (open) the door to leave, the dentist's door (14) (open). 'Next please,' he (15) (call), as the previous patient (16) (push) past me. 'Actually I'm not here to see you, I (17) (wait) for my friend,' I (18) (shout), leaving as rapidly as I could. (19) (you ever do) this kind of thing? Surely I can't be the only person who (20) (hate) the dentist! 27 FIRST CERTIFICATE LANGUAGE PRACTICE 5 Look carefully at each line.

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