Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery by Richard Hollingham

By Richard Hollingham

At the present time, magnificent surgical breakthroughs are making limb transplants, face transplants, and a number of different formerly un dreamed of operations attainable. yet getting right here has now not been an easy tale of scientific growth. In Blood and Guts, veteran technological know-how author Richard Hollingham weaves a compelling narrative from the most important moments in surgical heritage. we've got a ringside seat within the working theater of college university clinic in London as world-renowned Victorian doctor Robert Liston plays a amazing amputation in thirty seconds-from first minimize to ultimate sew. ideas resembling Joseph Lister's antiseptic approach, the 1st open-heart surgical procedure, and Walter Freeman's lobotomy operations, between different breakthroughs, are delivered to lifestyles in those pages in bright element. this can be well known technology writing at it's most sensible.

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