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A hand in which an ace counts eleven is called a soft hand, and the total points in it is called a soft total. The second part of table 1 explains how to play soft hands. The double-down advice is broken down into db and dbs. The reason is you need to know what to do with a particular total ifyou cannot double down. For example, suppose you have soft eighteen and the dealer shows 3. Your best play is to double down, so that is what you do ifyou can. But if your soft eighteen is a three-card hand, say ace-2-5, then you probably will not be allowed to double down.

Practiced until you can make correct decisions quickl~ you are ready to wage war on the casinos. This chapter has presented multiple-deck playing strate~ but at some casinos blacIgack is dealt with one deck. Multiple-deck decision numbers are only slightly different from single-deck decision numbers. You will win almost as much by using multiple-deck HIGH-LOW SYSTEM 61 decision numbers with one deck as you will win by using one-deck decision numbers with one deck. With freshly shuffied cards, the casino has a larger advantage as the number of decks increases.

Always early surrender 4 against ace. Table 5: With hard 15 against ace, late surrender if count per deck is greater than or equal to o. With hard 14 against ace, late surrender if the count per deck is greater than or equal to 4. Table 9: Always hit soft 18 against ace. Table 10: With hard 16 against ace, stand ifthe count per deck is greater than or equal to 4. With hard 15 against ace, stand if the count per deck is greater than or equal to 5. Summary Strategy Tables Tables 11 and 12 S11mmarize strategy decision numbers for the high-low count.

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