Beat the dealer : a winning strategy for the game of by Edward O. Thorp

By Edward O. Thorp

The e-book That Made Las Vegas switch the Rules
Over a million Copies in Print

Edward O. Thorp is the daddy of card counting, and in this vintage guide he stocks the innovative element method that has been effectively utilized by specialist and beginner card gamers for generations. This booklet offers:

o   an summary of the elemental principles of the game
o   confirmed successful ideas starting from easy to advanced
o   how to conquer on line casino counter measures
o   how you can spot cheating 
o   charts and tables that sincerely illustrate key concepts

a desirable learn and an imperative source for successful vast, Beat the Dealer is the bible for gamers of this video game of chance.
**Bring those concepts into the on line casino: Perforated playing cards incorporated within the book**  

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