Basic Science of Cancer by Wen-Ching Lee, Joseph R. Testa (auth.), Gary D. Kruh MD,

By Wen-Ching Lee, Joseph R. Testa (auth.), Gary D. Kruh MD, PhD, Kenneth D. Tew PhD, DSc (eds.)

In contemporary years, nice strides were made within the box of melanoma study. Now, with uncomplicated technology of melanoma, a number interrelated issues reminiscent of tumor suppressor genes, apoptosis, transcriptional law, pharmacology of anticancer medicines, cytogenetic strategies, oncogenes, and sign transduction are completely addressed. Written for oncologists and healthcare pros, this new finished reference additionally discusses sleek learn suggestions used to enquire the molecular etiology and therapy of human melanoma. issues are defined utilizing nontechnical phrases. jointly, entire reference listings and over 2 hundred illustrations supply an intensive, but introductory, check out the complicated box of cancer.

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Genes that are dlfferenllally expressed can be cloned by Isolating speciflc bands from the gel for reampllfication with lhe same primers. TECHNIQUES FOR IDENTIFYING CANCER GENES novel expressed genes. Multiple cDNA clones for a tag can be isolated by screening a cDNA library with the 13-bp oligonucleotide as the hybridization probe. DNA MICROARRAY TECHNOLOGY Microarrays, or "DNA chips," are miniature, parallel analytic devices produced by arraying defined cDNAs or oligonucleotides on a solid support in a high-density configuration.

Single-strand confirmation polymorphism (SSCP) analysis of various regions of the NF2 gene in malignant mesotheliomas. Specific primer pairs were used to amplify various portions of the NF2 complementary ONA reverse transcribed from RNA isolated from normal mesothelial control cells (Co) and mesothelioma celilines as indicated. Polymerase chain reaction products were separated on a nondenaturing polyacrylamide gel. A"owheads indlcate the variant SSCP conformers. (From Blanchl el al. [13]; with permission).

An array can be designed so that each position in the target sequence is queried by a set of four probes that are identical except at a single position. One probe in each set is complementary to a consensus sequence, and the central positions of the other three probes are replaced with one of the alternative bases. This type of allelespecific oligonucleotide scanning array is genera ted with a light-directed chemical synthesis process using nucleotide precursors with a photocleavable protecting group.

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