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International cooperation was once the keynote of the Apollo-Soyuz try out undertaking. within the three y ears because the undertaking used to be initiated within the U.S. - U .S .S .R. contract bearing on Cooperation within the Exploration and Use of Outer area (signed through the U.S. and U.S.S .R. Heads of nation on might 24, 1972), the good attempt expended in coordination, verbal exchange, and integration culminated within the hugely profitable flight from July 15 to 24, 1975. The 9-day flight marked the 1st time that manned spacecraft of 2 international locations have met in house for joint engineering and medical investigations .
The primary aim of the undertaking used to be to boost a suitable docking approach and rendezvous and staff move tactics that will be acceptable for destiny overseas manned area missions. This aim was once effectively finished.

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On day 7, a test was performed in which the instrument was operated with the high voltage on for 2 minutes and then off for 2 minutes. The instrument operated properly for approximately 3 of the 5 minutes during which the high voltage was on. The experiment operation procedure for day 8 was revised to incorporate the 2-minute-on mode of operation, and at least 30 more minutes of satisfactory data were obtained. 3- 4 I J I~ On days 8 and 9, an engineering test was performed in an attempt to determine the cause of the instrument malfunction.

The result is approximately 10 counts/sec. This count rate appears to be consistent with the upper r ange of black-body temperatures derived from the EUV data, which was approximately 150 000 K. 3-6 -~ I I Galactic No rth Pole 90" 90° Galactic So lith Pole Figure 3-1. - A map of 2- to 10-k iloelectronvolt X- r ay sources as determined by the Uhuru s atellite. 25-keVemission, counts/sec ~ >4oo _ 300 to 400 Galactic No rt h Pole 90° [ill] 200 to 300 m 120 to 200 90° Galactic South Pol e • Source designations from the Uhu ru catalog.

Preliminary analysis of the data indicates the detection of at least one strong source of EUV radiation, which is the first nonsolar source to be detected in the EUV band and proves the feasibility and value of astronomical observations at the wavelengths indicated in this report. 4- 6 REFERENCES 4-1. Hills, J. : An Explanation of the Cloudy Structure of the Interstellar Medium. Astron. & Astrophys. , vol. 17, 1972, pp. 155-160. 4-2. Rose, W. ; and Wentzel, D. : Ultraviolet Stars and the Interstellar Gas.

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