Agricola, Germany, and Dialogue on Orators by Tacitus

By Tacitus

A reprint of the college of Oklahoma Press version of 1991.

This quantity offers 3 brief works of Tacitus: Agricola—the fullest historical account of Rome's conquest of england and of the general public occupation of a senator within the carrier of a Roman emperor—Germany, a priceless resource at the historic land and its humans, and discussion on Orators, an exam within the culture of Cicero's rhetorical essays of the decline of oratory in Rome's early empire. jointly, those works remove darkness from a major section in Tacitus' improvement as Rome's top-rated historian.

Eminent student and translator Herbert W. Benario presents a loyal, readable translation of those works, introductory essays, bankruptcy summaries, and notes. A bibliography, maps, and an index are incorporated.

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Agricola's talents had an opportunity to assert themselves. At first Cerialis shared with him only toils and dangers, but soon also glory: he often put him in command of part of the army to test him, sometimes, as a result of his success, in command of larger forces. Nor did Agricola ever boast of his achievements to enhance his own reputation: he referred his good fortune to the general as the man responsible, since he was a junior officer. Thus, by his conscientious devotion to duty and his modesty in speech, he escaped envy but was not without glory.

1. Biography at Rome has a long and honorable tradition, but the pres- ent times are hostile to the biographies of good men. The practice of recording for posterity the deeds and characters of famous men, which was common in times past, has not even in our own times been ignored by an age disdainful of its own history, whenever some great and outstanding excellence has overcome and risen above a fault common to states both great and small, that is, not to understand and yet to hate that which is right.

When they had aroused each other by these and similar remarks, with Boudicca, a woman of royal blood, as their leader (for they make no distinction of sex in their positions of command), they all began war; they went after the soldiers who were scattered in forts and then, when the garrisons had been stormed, attacked the colony itself as the capital of slavery, and anger and triumph omitted no kind of savagery found among barbarians. And unless Paulinus had quickly brought aid after hearing of the revolt of the province, Britain would have been lost.

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