Acquiring a Non-Native Phonology by Jette G. Hansen Edwards

By Jette G. Hansen Edwards

It is a learn of the phonological improvement of a kinfolk of L2 English freshmen. it's the first full-length booklet that specializes in a tightly-knit crew of newbies' acquisition of phonology over a longitudinal time-frame, and the 1st e-book to check either social and linguistic components throughout that point interval. Jette G. Hansen analyses this knowledge accrued from real language freshmen within the gentle of modern conception, in addition to demanding elements of present considering just about moment language acquisition. buying a Non-Native Phonology consequently makes an incredible and unique contribution to the sector and offers an in-depth research and dialogue of the developmental approaches in buying a non-native sound process which has now not formerly been offered. The publication is aimed toward teachers attracted to moment language acquisition, and researchers learning phonology usually

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Additionally, all the plosives are voiceless. There is an overall agreement that the final consonants are unreleased or weakly released; in addition, there are no consonant clusters in Vietnamese. For the few consonants with allophones, allophonic variation is caused by vocalic environment (Santry 1997). In addition, Vietnamese is very restricted in the consonants that can occur finally (see the description above) and there are no consonant clusters. Syllables in Vietnamese can be reduced to the following formula, which illustrates canonical syllable structure as per Santry (1997): ± O [ + C ± W ] + N [ V ] + T 3 with O representing the Onset, C as Consonant, W as semi-vowel, N as INVESTIGATING L2 PHONOLOGY • 39 nucleus, V as vowel or diphthong, and T as terminus.

As illustrated in the above discussion of social identity, social interactions can affect which language variety is targeted, and so have a direct effect on both L2 acquisition and use. However, while most SLA researchers acknowledge that L2 acquisition cannot take place without learners' engagement in meaningful communication, there are few studies that investigate the effect of learners' amount and type of contact with speakers of the L2 on the learners' L2 acquisition. Of these studies, even fewer focus on phonology, the majority of the research centering on the acquisition of L2 syntax.

The Table 1 . 1 An overview of English consonants Bilabial Labio- Dental Alveolar Palato- Palatal Velar Glottal Place of alveolar dental Articulation Manner of Articulation Stops voiceless voiced Fricatives voiceless voiced k g t d P b f V 6 5 s z Affricates voiceless voiced h I 3 tj d3 1 Lateral Nasals m n Approximants w i From Jensen (1993) q y 36 • ACQUIRING A NON-NATIVE PHONOLOGY word 'strengths'). In terms of two-consonant onset clusters, there are a number of linguistic constraints. Initial clusters must consist of the combinations of plosive plus approximant (either a liquid or glide).

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