A Treatise on the Kinetic Theory of Gases by Henry William Watson

By Henry William Watson

The 1st variation of Mr. Watson’s publication was once released in 1876. the current, a revised, a lot more suitable, and elevated quantity, is issued additionally in a handier shape. The booklet is, after all, basically mathematical: it offers nearly solely with definitely the right ideal fuel, and supposes that figment of the mathematical brain) “perfect elasticity” to exist for the molecules. it sort of feels to us that, until eventually we all know extra in regards to the inner kinetic power of molecules and its legislation of dissipation into the encompassing ether, the kinetic concept of gases needs to stay the place Dr. Watson leaves it, a mathematical workout instead of a attainable actual thought. Dr. Watson retains away from physics lovely normally, or even the identify of Van der Waals doesn't look in his treatise. It lacks a desk of contents or an index. Such books, particularly whilst released by way of a college press, at the moment are very unusual, and shortly the reviewer will suppose in a position to move them by means of with the one remark “no index”!

The Academy and Literature, quantity forty five [1894]

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There will also be external work produced equal to pbv, and therefore by the conservation of energy we must have whence we get r bQ And . 2/k_ . 2h the second law of thermodynamics requires that and -- pbv, should be a perfect differential therefore -rbk-l--bx-\ fi 3 for all values of 3 bh and bv. Let us in the first molecular forces, and Now P , and the place suppose that there are no interu be taken equal to the expression let differentials included in ds are functions only of the coordinates relative to the centre of mass of the molecules, and are therefore independent of v.

That is inn carries across the time dt there are carried It pdy J dz dt V* , p dy dz dt clear respectively, so that in the the elementary area dy dz and z equal to 2 muv dy dz dt from the symmetrical distribution of the velocities 2 muv and 2 muw are each equal to zero. Therefore the resultant mutual action of the two portions of the medium across the elementary area dydz in the time dt is the transference of the momentum pdydzdt v2 3 parallel to the KINETIC THEORY OF GASES. 20 axis of x across this element from the negative to the positive side.

5 so that if jt? 4 , p 59 the corresponding momenta, the value of T will become ere f is the kinetic energy of the molecule relative to centre of mass, and function of the 's is therefore an essentially positive quadratic of the form the Q's and ffs being its known functions of the jie. 33 KINETIC THEORY OF GASES. dM Therefore the expression for y or the ntimber of molecules the form of of the set in the state A> takes M h we If integrate this with variables except molecules of the u, 1 1 v" I w) respect to all the independent find that the number of and w> we v, M m (u the component velocities of whose set, and u + du, centres of mass parallel to the axes lie between u v and dv, w and w + dw, is equal to H De where c2 From = u + v + w2 2 2 this result we 2 and du dv dw, D is independent of u, and w.

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