A grammar of freethought by Chapman Cohen

By Chapman Cohen

A Grammar of Freethought

By Chapman Cohen

Outgrowing the Gods

It has to be left when you learn the subsequent pages to make your mind up how a long way this booklet lives as much as its identify. That it leaves many points of lifestyles untouched is sort of transparent, yet there has to be a restrict to every little thing, even to the scale and scope of a publication; furthermore, the paintings doesn't goal at being an encyclopædia, yet in basic terms an overview of what may possibly really be considered as the Freethought place. Freethought, back, is simply too fluid a time period to allow its teachings being summarized in a suite creed, however it does stand for a definite certain perspective of brain relating to these difficulties of existence with which considerate women and men drawback themselves. it truly is that psychological perspective which I goal at depicting.

To those people who are in some way occupied with the assault on supernaturalism it might probably even be a question of remorse that rather a lot of this paintings is worried with a feedback of spiritual ideals. yet that's an twist of fate of the location. we've not but reached that level in affairs after we can have the funds for to allow faith by myself, and one may possibly without difficulty be excused the suspicion that those that, with out believing in it, profess to take action, are extra occupied with heading off a tough, if no longer risky, topic, than they're with the matter of constructing sane and sound equipment of considering. And whereas a few who stand ahead as leaders of renowned concept fail to do their half within the paintings of attacking supernaturalistic ideals, others are perforce pressured to commit extra time than they might differently to the duty. That, in short, is my apology for referring to myself so mostly with spiritual issues, and leaving virtually untouched different fields the place the Freethought angle might turn out both fruitful of results.

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Right or wrong, then, the heretic, the Freethinker, represents a figure of considerable social significance. His social value does not lie wholly in the fact of his opinions being sound or his judgment impeccable. Mere revolt or heresy can never carry that assurance with it. The important thing about the rebel is that he represents a spirit, a temper, which society would stagnate. It revolt without cause, but it is in the absence of is bad when people infinitely better that a people should revolt without cause than that they should have cause for rebellion without possessing That man should have the the courage of a kick.

At the animal level we have the crude fact of sex, and this is, indeed, inescapable at any stage. But the growth of civilization brings about the fact that the need for the gratification of the sexual appetite is regulated by the secondary qualities of grace of form, or of disposition, which are the immediate determinants of whether a particular man shall marry a particular woman or not. Again, it is the desire for power and distinction, not the need for money that impels men to spend their lives in building up huge fortunes.

When we ring bells to call people to church we perpetuate the fact that our ancestors rang them to wear black at a funeral drive away evil spirits. because our primitive ancestors wished to hide them- We UFE AND MIND. 27 from the dead man's ghost. We strew flowers on a grave because food and other things were once buried with the dead so that their spirits might accompany the dead to the next world. '^ No one who has studied, in even a cursory manner, the development of our social institutions can avoid recognition of the profound influence exerted by the primitive conceptions of life, death, and of the character of natural forces.

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