A Gamut of Games by Sid Sackson

By Sid Sackson

"A real milestone." — Martin Gardner, clinical American. an expert on video game background selects 38 of his all-time favourite amusements, together with 22 of his personal extraordinary creations. Solitaire, approach, and get together video games may be performed by way of kids or adults with such universal goods as playing cards, checkerboards, cube, pencils, and paper. 152 illustrations.

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8. Whose aid did Beren enlist in his task? 9. Who did Lúthien ask for help in saving Beren and what did he do to her? 10. How often could Huan the hound speak with words before his death? Page 37 5. "Tales of Sorrow" 1. Who helped Lúthien escape from Nargothrond? 2. When the werewolf of Sauron came to eat Beren what happened? 3. In what form did Sauron battle Huan? Who triumphed? 4. Who was Huan’s master in Middle-earth and when did Huan forsake his service? 5. What happened when Beren clapped the Silmaril in his hand?

5. The hobbits and Gandalf reached Rivendell in time for what celebration? 6. Why did the hobbits have to keep repeating their stories to Bilbo? 7. What parting gifts did Bilbo give to Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin as they prepared to leave Rivendell? 8. Gandalf wasn’t going to the Shire with the hobbits. Where was he going instead? 9. When the hobbits got to the Brandywine Bridge they found a locked gate. Who opened the gate? 10. What did Merry order the gate-opener to do then? Trouble at the Shire 1.

Where was the dwelling of Mîm, where Túrin later stayed? 5. Why did Túrin slay Beleg? 6. What happened to Túrin when he looked Glaurung in the eye? 7. Who was Níniel, wife of Túrin Turambar? 8. What did Níniel do when she found out who she was? 9. How did Túrin die? 10. What did the blade Gurthang say it had to avenge against Túrin? Page 38 7. Elves and Men 1. Who took Morgoth’s veil from Húrin’s eyes? 2. What did Húrin give Thingol as a memorial of himself? 3. How did Húrin get the token he gave Thingol?

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