600 Butterflies and Moths in Full Color by W. F. Kirby

By W. F. Kirby

The beautiful colorations and shapes of butterflies — and their wonderful spectrum of elaborate markings — are rendered with impressive precision on sixty one full-color plates. Imaginations will take flight with butterflies and moths of each kin, in addition to information of pupa, eyes, antennae, and the winged bugs' favourite flora.

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Spilosoma menthastri A. Ribwort Plantain Plantago lanceolata B. Bramble Rubus polymorphus C. Ground Ivy Glechoma hederacea Plate 1 PAPILIONIDAE Fig. 1, a–d. Papilio podalirius Fig. 2. Papilio alexanor Fig. 3, a–d. Papilio machaon Fig. 4. Thais hypermnestra Fig. 5. Thais rumina Fig. 6. Doritis apollinus A. Blackthorn Prunus spinosa B. Caraway Carum carvi Plate 2 PAPILIONIDAE Fig. 1, a–d. Parnassius apollo Fig. 2, a, b. Parnassius phoebus Fig. 3, a–c. Parnassius mnemosyne A. Orpine Sedum telephium B.

1. Zethes insularis Fig. 2. Calpe capucina Fig. 3. Ophiusa algira Fig. 4. Telesilla amethystina Fig. 5. Prothymia viridaria Fig. 6. Ophiusa cailino Fig. 7. Haemerosia renalis Fig. 8. Anophia funesta Fig. 9. Pseudophia illunaris Fig. 10, a, b. Anophia leucomelas Fig. 11, a, b. Cerocala scapulosa A. Larger Convolvulus Convolvulus sepium B. Cistus Helianthemum halimifolium Plate 56 NOCTUAE—NYCTEOLIDAE Fig. 1. Spintherops spectrum Fig. 2. Metoptria monogramma Fig. 3. Aventia flexula Fig. 4. Boletobia fuliginaria Fig.

3. Limacodes testudo Fig. 4, a, b. Hepialus humuli Fig. 5. Hepialus lupulinus Fig. 6, a, b. Hepialus hectus Fig. 7, a, b. Psyche unicolor Fig. 8. Psyche viciella Fig. 9. Oreopsyche muscella A. Dandelion Leontodon taraxacum B. Sallow Salix caprea C. Apple Pyrus malus Plate 25 SATURNIIDAE Fig. 1, a–c. Endromis versicolora Fig. 2, a, b. Saturnia pyri Fig. 3, a–e. Saturnia carpini A. Pear Pyrus communis B. Birch Betula alba C. Dog Rose Rosa canina Plate 26 LASIOCAMPIDAE Fig. 1, a–c. Gastropacha quercifolia Fig.

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