501 Astonishing Facts by Editorial Board

By Editorial Board

In our way of life, we see or listen from others approximately many desirable issues. occasionally, they seem completely unimaginable. This booklet offers 501 such awesome Facts.

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The Impossible Typewriter The Japanese, whose genius values for machines brought them in the forefront of the industrial world, have yet not mastered the humble typewriter. The reason behind is that even the every day language requires more than 2000 characters far more than would fit on to a conventional keyboard. Feather-footed Feather-light shoes created by New York designer Yanturni in 1920s took some three years to make, and he refused even to make a start on a pair without a $ 1,000 deposit.

Thomas Alva Edison Thomas Alva Edison, the wizard of Menlo Park, produced more than 1,000 inventions during his life time (Fig. 8). Atomic Clock During the last two decades, scientists have developed an extremely accurate clock known as atomic clock, which remains accurate to one second over a period of 1,700,000 years. Smaller Than Small Most people think electron as the smallest particle but it is not true. Much smaller than electron is photon. Its mass is about 3 1050 grams. Magic Mirror Magic mirrors have been made in China and Japan for centuries.

4). Number of Menstruations An average woman can expect to menstruate about 450 times between the commencement of menstruation at the age of 12 and the menopause at the age of 50. Number of Ova A baby girl is born with her whole life-time supply of about two million tiny unripe eggs. Only about one egg in 2500 will ever ripen and leave an ovary. Number of Sperms On anaverage, aman produces more than 500 million sperms every day. Sperms that are ejaculated from the penis soon decay and are absorbed back into body.

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