200 Victorian Fretwork Designs: Borders, Panels, Medallions by A. Sanguineti

By A. Sanguineti

A accepted ornamental aspect that is came across either inside and out of Victorian houses, fretwork delights the attention with its sleek interlaced designs. This classic sourcebook, reproduced from an extraordinary variation, presents brand new photo designers and craftworkers with difficult plates of genuine styles, together with scrollwork, finials, banisters, interlaced vines, foral carvings and lots of different dependent fretwork designs. they are excellent for lending a old fashioned contact to numerous print and crafting projects.

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27 Vogt, Ciba 15, pp. 537-540. , pp. ), 532-533 (repr). 29 Lantier, p. 69; Broholm, p. 38 and fig. 23. 30 Breuil, p. 15. 31 Broholm, pp. 29 ff. , pp. 29-36. 33 Lantier, pp. 99-100. 34 Goury, p. 231 and fig. 92, after a T-toggle in the P^rigueux seum. 35 Vogt, Ciba 15, p. 519; Broholm, pp. , p. 540. Mu- ff. 37 Dechelette, II, p. 309. 38 Clark, p. 324. , p. 328. 40 Schlabov; Salin, I, p. 105 and fig. 8, mentions these garments as Germanic from the sixth-seventh centuries. 41 Clark, pp. 324-329 and fig.

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